Are you currently taking the UEENEEG105A Capstone course at your college, or do you want to refresh your electrical skills?

TCA can provide you with a refresher course for your electrical knowledge in 5 days, and prepare you for your assessment.

Course Summary


Capstone Refresher
Tutoring Course


Punchbowl Campus


5 Days


Successful applicants should be able to gain a better understanding of the
knowledge and practical requirements for completing the Capstone

This tutoring course is designed for:

  • Students who wish to complete Theory and Practical Training in order
    to better prepare themselves for the UEENEEG105A Capstone
    Assessment at their college of choice, or
  • Electrician’s who wish to update their knowledge of the current

Australian Standards and Requirements for licensing.
This is a non-accredited course and provides no formal qualification, however, it
can be counted towards professional development for those already in the
electrotechnology industry

What you must have to be eligible for this qualification:

While this course offers no formal qualification and has no formal prerequisites,
it is assumed that all candidates either hold a current electrician’s
license or have completed the pre-requisite units of competency for
UEENEEG105A and are in the process of studying for their Capstone
Assessment at an RTO.

Note: a learner who has obtained their Electrician’s License under a previous
training plan and maintained currency of that qualification, is deemed to have
met these pre-requisite units.

How to Complete

Face-to-face Class