Are you currently taking a plumbing course at a college of your choice, and require evidence to provide for RPL?

TCA can provide and record evidence for you through this refresher course, to submit to your college.

Course Summary


Plumbing Refresher Tutoring Course


Punchbowl Campus


3 Days



Successful applicants should be able to gain both refreshed knowledge and experience in plumbing, and will benefit greatly from this course. The experience and evidence can also be used to RPL specific units at your college.

This tutoring course is designed for:

  • Students who require more evidence to RPL for Plumbing at their college
  • Registered Plumbers who would like to refresh their experience and knowledge in Plumbing

Australian Standards and Requirements for licensing.
This is a non-accredited course and provides no formal qualification, however, it
can be counted towards professional development and evidence for already registered plumbers, or students who’d like to RPL at their college.

What you must have to be eligible for this qualification:

This course offers no formal qualification and has no formal prerequisites.

How to Complete

Face-to-face Class